5 Rent Friendly Ways to Display Art Without Damaging Your Walls

Renting a home or apartment can help you save money and give you more flexibility. But in some situations it can also prohibit you from decorating the way you really want. But renting doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t hang art or personal mementos on the walls. There are several different options to decorate without creating gaping holes in the wall.

3M Hooks.


These hooks, sold by 3M and a few other manufacturers, have a specialty adhesive that sticks to walls without causing any damage. They can normally hold up to a few pounds and can be removed easily. Some manufacturers sell hooks specifically made to hold framed art or photos, but the regular hooks can also hold art on canvases.

Decorative Tape.


Tape isn’t something you normally want showing up on your walls. But there are a lot of options when it comes to decorative tape, and using it can not only hold your art in place, but also accentuate it. Just add a few complementary pieces to the corners of your art or photos.

Clothespin Display.


If you can’t hang a shelf or display directly on your walls, this is a nice option to showcase a bunch of photos or similar items. Just use a clothesline or some yarn and tie it to some hooks other items across your wall. Then just use clothespins to hang your photos or artwork across the whole area.

Picture Rail Hooks.


If you live in an older building with picture rail molding, you can buy specialty hooks that rest at the top of the molding and hang down to display your artwork. Or you could even use it as a regular hook to display your handbags or other items. If your home doesn’t have picture rails, you can use similar hooks on closet doors as shown.

Tape or Putty.


This isn’t necessarily a very creative way to display art on your walls, but if you don’t want to make a particularly decorative display, using plain tape or wall putty can hold items onto your walls without leaving holes or other damage. This method can be especially useful if you want to display a lot of items in one area, like with this Instagram photo display.

Even if you’re not a renter, considering some of the above methods can be helpful if you want to preserve your walls and avoid creating nail holes everywhere. But whether you rent or own, finding a unique way to display photos and artwork can make a generic house or apartment more like a home.