5 Ways To Remodel And Reinvent Your Kitchen

A kitchen remodel can focus on a variety of aspects. For example, updating the appliances can totally change the character of this space and it’s a change that can ask for other transformations to be made as well. We’re going to review five kitchen makeovers and the changes they went through.

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Let’s start with this bright and lovely kitchen. Sure, it didn’t always look like this. It used to have cabinets with a natural wood finish and gloomy greenish walls. Actually, those cabinets were preserved and extended to the ceiling with molding and plywood. They were painted white and became beautiful built-ins that incorporate the fridge perfectly.{found on prettyhandygirl}.

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When the kitchen starts to always look cluttered and to lose its spaciousness, maybe it’s time to get rid of some of the furniture. Just look how wonderful this kitchen looks now that it got rid of all the upper cabinetry and replaced it with open shelves.{found on danielleburkleo}.

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Open shelving is actually a great solution for any kind of kitchen. It works really well above the sink, making everything a lot easier and more practical. So yo don’t have to replace all your wall-mounted cabinets with open shelves if you want to make a change. Just focus on the important portions.{found on thesweetescape}.

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And if you really want to see how much of an impact such a change can have, take a look at this turquoise kitchen. Once all wrapped in wood and lacking a fresh and clean ambiance, the kitchen was greatly simplified. Some of the cabinets disappeared completely while others were replaced with open shelves. Turquoise was chosen as the new accent color.{found on townhouse}.

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If you’re using the kitchen as a social space and enjoy having people over, then it should be a welcoming space. A remodel doesn’t necessarily have to be a complete change of style. In fact, modern kitchens aren’t even the most inviting ones. A few vintage elements could work in your favor if used correctly like this table was in this case.{found on architecturaldigest}.