5 Playful Kids’ Room DIYs

Feeling a bit adventurous? Have you been practicing your DIY skills and think you’re ready to take on a bigger challenge? Well, then these project ideas may be right up your alley. If your kiddo is in need of something to perk up their own personal space, try out one of these playful, big time DIYs. From a cupboard bed to a swing right inside their room, your son or daughter will absolutely love any other of these ideas!

1. A Cupboard Bed.

Kids sofa

They’ll love curling up inside their little corner. It’s a fun look, it’s unique and just think how many fun play days they’ll have using their new bed as a pirate ship or a secret treasure chest. Just make sure you make it comfortable to lay in! Of course you can find these for hundreds on daughters in stores or online, but you can also create one of these yourself. So, make sure you’re adding the right amount of fluff!

2. Raceway on the Wall.

Kids sofa

Get a bit creative with some freehand painting. Find some magnetic paint and then draw the roads on the walls. All you have to do is stick some of your kids’ favorite cars on top afterwards. Imagine friends coming over for a play date and seeing the raceway on the walls. Yep, your child will instantly be the coolest kid at school.

3. Drum Puff.

Kids sofa

Yes, you can DIY this too! Create a large, comfy puff for your kids to plop down a read a book on. But don’t just make it one fun color, instead how about making it look like a giant drum? It’ll bring more fun to the room, more fun to the kids and more imagination for when they play! Just find the right tutorial to help you through it.

4. Inside Swing.

Kids sofa

Here’s a great way to earn yourself a Parent of the Year award. Make an indoor swing for your child to play on. You can create a cushioned one, one that looks like wicker porch chair or even a small tire swing. Just make sure you secure it so that it’s safe for your children to enjoy.

5. Just My Size Sofa.

Kids sofa

Create a mini sofa out of pillows! Use bolster pillows for the arms and a bunch of comfy, cozy cushions to make the rest. You can design the sofa to your kids personal liking and make it the right size for your little one. They’ll love having their own couch just for them! This is a great way to use older pillows too instead of just throwing them out.