5 Piece Studio Home Office by Winsome Wood

Here we go a studio office which includes 5 pieces that will keep your office in order and keep you working at your best. This studio office was designed for corner to save the space from the room and maintaining all office accessories closer.

5 peiceoffice deskView in gallery

Working at home is probably seen as a better alternative by many of us. But there are some aspects you have to consider in this case. It’s not easy to concentrate at home, especially when you’re not alone in there. So it’s probably a very good idea to create your own working space, preferably in a separate room of the house. This way you can concentrate on your work without being distracted by the others. But even then, you have to consider choosing the right desk for you. It has to be functional and to allow you to have easy access everywhere. It has to be comfortable to sit at as well.

Here’s an idea of a simple home office design. It has basically everything you need, without exaggerating with the details and the size. There are quite a lot of drawers where you can store everything you need, a computer desk and some space for other accessories. It’s not a big structure, so it’s perfect for any home, even for a small apartment. It’s a place where you can work in peace and still feel comfortable.Available for 680$.