5 of Best Flowers With the Best Meanings For Your Home

Everyone knows that fresh florals are the best. Who wants plastic flower arrangements filling up their dining room table when a vase of lovely smelling roses or springtime tulips could be in its place. Fresh flowers brighten up any room, breathe life into any space and are a welcoming and well-meant accessory for when family and guests arrive. So, what are the best flowers to fill your home with? We’ve compiled a life of our favorites with the best style and best meanings for you home. Take a look!

1. Roses.

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The most popular and most traditional of all flowers is the rose. And they look lovely in any and every setting. They also come in so many color variations that you can even match them to your home’s decor. But, be warned, different colors mean different things. For example, red roses symbolize “I love you,” pink means friendship, white is known for its youthfulness and yellow gives off a jouyous feel!

2. Tulips.

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Tulips are the quintessential springtime flower but they’re also one of the most stylish. With their big stems and delicate petals, they look incredible billowed out in a beautiful vase. And again, they come in so many different colors and variations. My favorite are the light pink tulips which mean perfect happiness. Yellow tulips are associated with cheerfulness and friendship, red is a symbol for perfect love and orange are popular for representing warmth, which is perfect for a household welcome!

3. Carnations.

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Another popular home flower is the carnation. Lush and voluminous, their petals are soft and look great in short vases as a centerpiece for any of the dining tables. Overall, a carnation symbolizes love and fascination. But red ones, a personal favorite, mean admiration and that could be for a spouse or a family member. White carnations are known for their good luck and their pink petals are a popular sign of gratitude.

4. Calla Lillies.

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Rich and refined, calla lillies are known for their luxurious appeal and classy style. They’re beautiful, sleek and incredibly sophisticated even when placed in a simple glass vase and placed in the powder room. Meaning rebirth or renewal, calla lillies are great for a home that needs a fresh start and rejuvenation.

5. Gerbera Daisies.

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Flirtatious and playful, gerbera daisies are a go-to flower for a happy, family home. They fit in great with eclectic space, look lovely in the breakfast nook and also add a simple cheery essence to any nook or cranny. They come in a array of colors and their collective meaning is of happiness. Perfect for the house, right?

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