5 Modern Lamps That Add Style To Any Room

Modern lamps add to the distinct style to any room of the house. You can find them in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and finishes to compliment any room. No matter where you need additional lighting, you can find a lamp that is perfect for your situation. You can use a lamp to make an artistic statement as well as being functional. That is the beauty of these modern fixtures.

Modern Wood Lamps by Arturo Alvarez

Arturo alvarez suspension lamp shio

Arturo alvarez llittle suspension lamp shio

Arturo alvarez floor lamp shio

The Shio lamps was designed by Arturo Alvarez and are constructed using laminated wood boards, placed side-by-side and filtering the light through its spaces.Available in white or yellow finishes, the Shio comes as a table lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp and in two sizes of suspension lamp.

Stylish Floor Lamp With Wave Lighting Effects

Dab lamp tree 2

Dab lamp tree 1

The Tree Floor lamp comes from a Spanish company Dab. This stylish floor lamp was designed by Werner Aisslinger and features a solid shade that is artfully sliced to allow light to permeate and illuminate the room.The Tree Floor  Lamp is available in two sizes: 55 and 65 cm, i`m sure that can be integrated in any room to crate some light waves.

Casual Contemporary Circle Lamp by De Padova

Elegant floor lamps circle de padova 4

Elegant floor lamps circle de padova 1

Creating an amazing ambiance and romantic or bright lighting through the use of fabulous floor lamps from De Padova is really easy.The circle floor lamp by designer Monica Forster are so elegant and playful.Available in white and yellow, the color options are light and carefree, suiting the sunshade shape to a T.

Chandelier With Fan by Meyda Lighting

Customizable fan chandelier meyda lighting 4

Customizable fan chandelier meyda lighting 1

For those who love the industrial style or for those who want to create an wintry atmtmosphere, than these chandelier are awesome.The Fan-tastic Chandel-Air by Meyda Lighting can reduce your heating costs with three speed and directional controls.

Ta-rae Lamps by Design Virus

Ta rae Lamps by Design Virus

For many interior decorators and house designers, lighting is one of the most important elements in dressing up a house, if not the most important one.The Ta-rae Lamps by Design Virus not only will it provide ample brightness to the room so everyone can comfortably see, it also sets an unusual style to any room.