5 Modern And Unusual Armchair Design Ideas

Modern furniture often impresses with its unique design, unusual shapes and unexpected features. Even though simplicity is always an element that defines modern furniture there is also the element of surprise that makes each piece unique. For example, there are lots of armchair designs but some of them stand out with their intriguing features. These examples will conform that.

Origine Du Monde, Maybe!

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This chair was named “Origine du monde, maybe!” and it was designed by Italo Rota. It has a very unusual design and an overall irregular shape. The concept behind this design was to create something that is related to the maternal theme and that reflects what the designer has described as “uterine sensuality”. The armchair has memory foam cushions meant to be very relaxing and comfortable.

Coupole and Morning Dew.

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Here’s another interesting armchair design, this time offered by German company Bruehl. The design of the armchair was inspired by forms and elements found in nature. In fact, this piece resembles a flower. It’s an interesting representation in the form of a modern piece of furniture. The piece has a curved back and armrests following the same lines. The inspiration for this design was the tulip.

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The company also created the Coupole armchair and sofa combo. These have also been inspired by natural forms, more exactly by the mountains. Their backrests feature the ups and downs of mountaintops and the pieces have a very simple look and a chic modern twist.

One for Two chair.

Tonon one for two chairView in gallery

This is the “One for Two” chair and it’s an iconic piece that was created by Tonon. It has a very simple design and it appears to be made of a single piece that folds on itself and rests on a thin base. The armchair is available in red, white and orange and all versions are stylish and beautiful. Even though it’s very simple, the armchair is also very eye-catching and has a strong modern presence.

Feminine shape chair.

Feminine chairs innocenza polsit 1View in gallery

Feminine chairs innocenzaView in gallery

The Innocenza armchair has one of the most strange and unusual designs. It was designed by artist Andrea de Benedict for Polsit and it’s part of the Innovative Desart collection. The idea behind this collection is to transform art into usable pieces of furniture such as chairs and armchairs. This particular armchair features a strongly feminine design with sensual curves.


Arflex chair ball 3View in gallery

Arflex chair ballView in gallery

The Ball chair impresses with its extreme simplicity. It was designed for Italian furniture firm Artflex and has a modern sculptural look. Made of rigid polyurethane, the chair can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has a spherical body and a contemporary look, with a flexible polyurethane seat that adapts to your body. It’s not only striking but also versatile and extremely comfortable.