5 Little Decorative Ways To Ring in The New Year

Well, this is the last post from this Year! So, how will you be ringing in the New Year? Will your Christmas lights still be up or have you opted for something a little more fashion-forward for your start of the year? Well, instead of keeping the Santas and sleighs sprinkled around the house, decorate the house for your own New Year’s Eve celebration! There are so many little ways to be festive and pay homage to the final holiday of the season. Let us inspire you!

1. The New Year in numbers.

New Years Eve Easy Decorations


String together or make them glitter with some paint. Use large numbers to create a sign for the new year to come. Over the mantle, over the dining room table or even as a centerpiece, make sure it’s easily seen by all your party guests. It’s just a nice little way to give a nod to the new year ahead.

2. Simple little banners.

Happy new year

Of course, a simple little banner works great too. It won’t take much work to find one and hang it up. And, it’ll top off the dinner table or little nibbler buffet too. Of course you can put it anywhere in your house for a bit of festive oomph even if you don’t plan on having a party!

3. Light the house with twinkle.

Twinkle lights for New Year

Light your house for New Year’s Eve with twinkle lights! As one of the most romantic holidays of the year, this lighting adds so much romance and whimsy to a space that it’s the perfect way to set off even the most barely decorated homes. Just a string of these in every room will play of the drama!

4. Get out the glassware.

Dainty Champagne Flutes

Whether you store them in the China cabinet or in a dusty box in the basement, it’s time to get out the good glassware. The tallest stems and the most intricately designed, beautiful glasses make the dinner table look better and the wine and champagne taste a bit sweeter. You must ring in the new year with a stylish glass of bubbly!

5. Blow up some balloons.

Ceiling decor silver and white ribbons

For a simple and easy way to create some festivity, just add some balloons! Grab some silver, pearly white and even some gold balloons and fill up your ceilings. It will just add to the party element and every guest can grab one and pop it when the clock strikes midnight. You may even want to use some metallic sharpie markers to write your new year’s wishes and resolutions on the balloons!