5 Lanterns That Make A Design Difference

A bit of romance. A bit of rustic charm. And sometimes even nautically-inspired. Lanterns can bring a lot of life and personality to even the most unsuspecting of places. They’re quite versatile too. From an eclectic, World Market-flavored living room to a dainty, feminine guest bedroom, lanterns can jazz up a corner and add interest to previously dull spaces. Let’s look at some wonderful ideas.

1. On a pole.

Lantern ceiling lighting

If you’ve got a lantern that looks like it belong alongside a beach boardwalk, have it take up some space in the bedroom. It adds edge to a girlish bedroom and some extra pop to a lighter color palette. It can serve as a basic reading light as well as a fashion-forward piece to the room.

2. All in a row.

Lantern ceiling lighting

Take some smaller lanterns and line them up on the porch. It’s a little bit of masculine, eclectic personality to a prettier porch or enclosed patio. Have fresh flowers out and a some other more feminine accessories to have a nice mismatched pairing of cool, home decor. It’s a fresher take on the usual “latern as lighting” look, where instead the lanterns take center stage as a piece of fashion for the room. This idea is great for the bathroom too!

3. The big focus.

Lantern ceiling lighting

If you’re lucky enough in your thrifting or shopping adventures to find an over-sized lantern with a lot of personality, snatch it up quickly! It’s a great piece to have at the foot of the staircase or near the front door to welcome guests. With a lot of style, these big lanterns can help to create the entire look of any corner by just sitting it down on the floor or on a long table.

4. Look up above.

Lantern ceiling lighting

Try out a lighting fixture that looks a bit like a lantern. In a country-chic breakfast nook or above your sleek kitchen island, a lantern-esque chandelier will add a lot of architectural, art decor appeal. Instead of laying out your entire kitchen and dining area to match one theme, using a piece that’s subtle yet different will give the space an extra design element.

5. A combination of sorts.

Lantern ceiling lighting

If you can’t decide what you love, choose them all! Use a combination of fun lanterns to adorn your funky living room or home office. With a bit of inspiration from all different cultures, it’s only natural you use a variety of colors, patterns and a playful assortment of lanterns hanging from the sky or hanging out on a side table somewhere.