5 Kitchen Tiles, 5 Themes.

You’d be surprised how the tiles in your kitchen can enhance and create a signature style. Colorful pieces, neutral slabs or even rustic, wood-inspired tiles all have a way of transforming and changing the space. So, are you looking for a way to makeover your kitchen? Maybe re-doing the floors is your ticket to the perfect room. Take a peek at how these tiles did it and how the next piece of flooring you pick out could be the answer!

1. Modern.

Modern narrow kitchen

With these large, dark tiles, this kitchen is turned into a fashion-forward, modern space. It’ s sleek and contemporary with a nice, smooth finish. The color contrasts with the white island and mixes well with the even darker shades on the cabinet. It’s a clean, stylish look that’s perfect for a young, hip couple or even for one’s own bachelor pad. It has a bit of a masculine feel, but with a pop of color this kitchen is perfect for the trendy lady as well!

2. Rustic.

Modern narrow kitchen

Spanish-inspired tiling mixes well with a rustic-inspired space. The two go hand-in-hand to create a wonderful, cozy feel that wouldn’t be the same with a plain, wooden floor. The extra bit of design and style on the ground enhances the space from top to bottom without straying away from you vision. Be inspired by something you wouldn’t necessarily picture together, because that’s when magic happens!

3. Vintage.

Modern narrow kitchen

These darker tiles open up the depth of the floors amongst the narrow, white hallway. The combination of small and large tiles with the weathered-beige look offers up a homey, old-age feel. It’s almost like you’re in your favorite restaurant that’s been open since your grandmother worked her first job there.


4. Simple.

Modern narrow kitchen

Harwood floors are always a lovely, quality addition to a house. And if you want a charming, simple touch to your kitchen then put down some hardwood. It’s a slick finish and a rich look, no matter what type you decide on. It also looks great with all colors and themes. It’s just a classic, timeless style.

5. Eclectic.

Modern narrow kitchen

Of course you can always decide on something a bit outside-the-box. Something with a different shape or completely different colors could work wonders for the space. You can also combine themes and styles to create a fun, eclectic masterpiece in your home. See how those red pieces pop right out of the floor without being over-the-top or gaudy?

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