5 Interesting Bookshelves

Books are those which take us to the world of knowledge and to other magic lands where everything becomes possible through the writer’s imagination and creativity.The more you read, you become wiser and more elevated. A good book is a wonderful companion too. It does not talk too much, does not disturb you with its problems and it is always by your side, if you take it with you all the time.Homes without books are empty and superficial. A bookshelf will always create a special atmosphere and interior design which will be completed by the presence of books.Here are some interesting bookshelf designs which you might use for your interior design.

1. Babel Bookshelf

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Although the Babel Tower is a huge building built by men who tried to reach God, in our case there is a bookshelf model which has the same shape of a tower but which does not try to reach anywhere, maybe just in your house. It may represent your “knowledge” tower which will provide you with all sort of wonderful books.

2. A Pendulum Clock Bookshelf

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In case of any activity, time flies away so that sometimes you forgot about its existence or you cannot feel it. Reading a book will make time pass away or even disappear. You will be absorbed by the action of the book and time will seem to you inexistent. Maybe this Pendulum Clock Bookshelf will make you aware that time is ticking and you should use each of its seconds to your advantage.

3. The Bookshelf Table

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Everybody knows about the frame work stories or also called the story in the story. here it is an interesting design which shows you a bookshelf which takes the shape of books and the whole assembly is an interesting table. Each shelf is a book which can store a book. The shelves are arranged on vertical so on the top of it you can put some other objects, using it as a table.

4. The Tree Bookshelf

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If you are a nature lover and you would like to get an interior design which might make you feel closer to nature then a Tree bookshelf is a wonderful idea. Its branches will become shelves which will store all kinds of books which will decorate beautifully your tree that will be transformed into a” tree of wisdom”.Its branches will hide many secretes of the entire world which will wait for to discover them.

5. Pulseline

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Pulseline is a bookshelf which takes the shape of a pulse which measures the heart bits. It is a strange shape for a bookshelf but it makes you aware of the fact that every heart bit is important for our short life. Life should be lived at maximum with every bit and Pulseline reminds us everytime this important thing.

Reading books is one way of discovering the world. So, take a part of this wonderful world and choose a bookshelf that can store many of its secrets.