5 inspiring bathroom concepts

Even though it’s sometimes overlooked, the bathroom is just as important as any other room in the house. Depending on the décor and style you have chosen for the rest of your home, the bathroom can have different styles as well. We have selected five concepts that we thought might inspire you in your effort to remodel your home.

1. Minimalist bathroom by Savio & Rupa Interior Concepts.

Moedern bath

This is a modern interpretation of the bathroom space. As you can see, it’s a minimalist space with very little furniture. It includes an open shower, a very distinguishable feature that can be difficult to integrate in most spaces but that works perfectly in this décor. What’s also interesting is the texture and color of the walls. The different tones of brown and the wood texture create an elegant and warm atmosphere. The washbasin is bold but delicate and the large mirror is a wonderful detail that makes the space seem bigger but also serves as a functional decoration.

2. Colorful bathroom with a vintage-modern décor by Joel Snayd.

Moedern bath

This is in many ways a classical décor for a bathroom. It has white ceiling, white walls and white floor. However, there’s something very casual and inviting about it. First of all, it has a vanity and chair. They share similar styles and feature yellow finishes. The main reason for the installation of this particular piece was that large window with views of the city. And since this piece of furniture occupies plenty of space, the rest of the bathroom is very simple. The sink has a very interesting design. It sits on a sort of storage unit with an open compartment underneath and a towel rack in the front. Again, the mirror enhances the space and creates diversity.

3. Chic wooden bathroom by Siemasko + Verbridge.

Moedern bath

Wood is a material that adds warmth anywhere it goes. It allows us to feel closer to closer and its texture is very beautiful. Technological improvements now allow us to also use this distinguished material in the bathroom and the results are spectacular. For this bathroom, the center piece is the tub while the surrounding walls are covered with wood panels and wooden storage units.A similar tub can be found at Bunnings Warehouse. The rest of the décor is minimalist and completely white. The combination of colors is very chic and the blue accents are the detail that makes this bathroom so stylish.

4. Classic bathroom by Lori Shaffer.

Moedern bath

Sometimes returning to the classics can be very refreshing. The client of this bathroom wanted a clean and classic design that would also match the master suite. The designer came up with several ideas but this one was the winner. It’s a design that incorporates a stylish vanity with mirror and dark-stained furniture. The color contrast is strong and timeless. The bathroom also has a glass shower that adds transparency to the design and marble tiled floor that adds the hint of extra elegance the décor needed to be perfect.

5. Modern bathroom with a functional décor by NathalieTremblay.

Moedern bath

This is a beautiful example of a contemporary bathroom. It features a minimalist décor with just a few details here and there. The texture of the accent wall and the corner decoration are the only details that are purely decorative. This bathroom has a minimalist double sink sitting on a functional storage unit with drawers and storage compartments. A bench with built-in drawers is placed against the window and a suspended mirror adds depth to the space.

These are five bathroom décor ideas presenting five different styles and concepts. You can use either one as inspiration for your own home or you can take the elements you like best and incorporate them into an original design.