5 Holiday DIY Gifts You Can Make For Your Friends

Christmas is coming and soon you’ll find yourself shopping for gifts once again. But what if this year you make something different? What if you actually make the gifts for your friends and family? It’s an opportunity to make something special, something unique that the others will surely appreciate. And if you’re wondering what exactly you should do, here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

1. Clothespin frame.

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If you have an old frame from a mirror or photo, you could repurpose it and turn it into an interesting gift. By simply attaching twine to the frame you’ll get a place where you can display photos and cards in an original way.

Materials needed: To make this you need a frame, some clothespins, small nails, a hammer and twine.

Instructions: Frist pound 5-6 nails into the back of the frame and then tie twine from nail to nail. After that you can just clip on the clothespins and use them to hang photos, cards and anything else you want. It would be an interesting gift for someone, especially if you also add a few personalized decorations.{found on morningcreativity}.

2. DIY wood slice tray.

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Another useful and practical gift you can make for your friends or family is a tray. It’s something that anyone uses and you can take this opportunity to also make it special and to add your own style to its actual design.

Materials needed: To make the tray you’ll need a wood slice that you can either buy or make it yourself, acrylic paints, varnish, painter’s tape and paint brushes.

Instructions: First apply a main layer of paint. Let it dry and then apply masking tape to the wood slice. Choose a pattern that you like or come up with something on the spot. Then apply the accent colors and let them dry. Remove the tape and, after you’re absolutely certain that the paint is completely dry, apply a protective top coat.{found on shemakesahome}.

3. DIY ceramic beakers.

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This is one of those things that everyone uses and needs in their kitchen and in their home in general but that often gets forgotten and ignored. So it would be a very useful and practical gift for someone.. it would really show them that you have taken the time to make something that’s both useful and special.

Materials needed:You can make these ceramic beakers from white pitchers marked with a pen. You’ll also need some painter’s tape.

Instructions:First, tape off the area that you’ll be painting in and then mark off, in pencil, the line and numbers on one side of the tape. Mark the longest lines first and then the medium length lines and the tiny ones. Remove the piece of tape on the right and start writing the numbers. Let it dry for a few hours.{found on oleanderandpalm}.

4. DIY button clock.

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Clocks are very common in all homes and they’re one of those things that’s both functional and great as a decoration. You can make an original clock using colorful buttons and it would be a wonderful holiday gift for someone you care about.

Materials needed: You’ll need an old clock, an embroidery hoop, fabric, vintage buttons, glue and a ruler.

Instructions: First find an old clock and remove the mechanism. Then put the fabric into the frame and glue it in. Cut off the excess fabric. Select the buttons you want to use and sew them on. Attach the clock mechanism in the middle. You can use cardboard for this part.{found on epherielldesigns}.

5. DIY can lanterns.

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Tin can lanterns are great for outdoor use. They are easy and cheap to make and they can be personalized as you wish. It’s what makes them such a great gift not just for the holidays but in general.

Materials needed: To make the lanterns you’ll need tin cans, a hammer, a nail, bailing wire, pliers, spray paint and tea light candles.

Instructions: Start by removing the labels and the glue from the cans. Then fill them with water and put them in the freezer. When the ice is solid you can take them out. After that, using a hammer and a nail, pound a hole near the top of the can. Make another one straight across the first hole. Then start creating your design. Let the ice melt out. Make a handle for the lantern using bailing wire. At the end, spray paint the lanterns.{found on growcreative}.