5 Fresh Ideas for Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers look delightful out in our gardens or landscaped yards or alongside the pathways of our daily nature walks. But having some fresh flowers indoors is a fantastic way to bring the outside inside, and one of the simplest ways to brighten up any space. Perhaps, though, you might be a little intimidated in figuring out how to display the beautiful blooms indoors – after all, it’s hard to compete with nature itself as a perfect setting, right? The good news is…it’s not hard or expensive to display your blooms inside, and there is no “right” way to do it. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Vintage Pitcher.

Dining room table flowers

If you have an old pitcher lying around gathering dust, this is the perfect way to show it off. Whether the vessel is endearingly dingy and antique or glossy and new (freshly spray painted, perhaps?), nothing highlights long-stemmed flowers quite like a pitcher. There’s something charming and fresh and earthy about this look…plus, it gives you back the wasted cupboard space that the pitcher took up in the first place. Win-win!

Mismatched Vases.

Dining room table flowers

If you have a variety of vases or vessels, why not pull them all out and throw a few flowers into each one and celebrate their differences? This arrangement certainly looks put-together, in a lovely, casual, charming way. There is just enough colored glass used to spread out the colorful visual feast past the blooms themselves, but the colors are tastefully muted so as to coordinate with the fresh flowers. I think this is a lovely way to ring in the season!

Medium- to Large-Sized Apothecary.

Dining room table flowers

Sometimes one single, simple flower-holding vessel is the way to go for a clean and classic flower display. A straight-edged, clear glass apothecary like this one works equally well whether the style is sophisticated-formal or friendly-casual (shown here). I love the low candle paired with the vase of roses, with the candlelight reflecting off the water; it adds a lovely, understated romantic touch to the whole room.
One-Color Flower Displays.

Dining room table flowers

White, white, and more white vessels provide a perfect backdrop for these fresh green stems and pink blossoms. When the sweet color palette is kept to a minimum, details in texture and shapes come to the delightful forefront. The cutouts on the matching white vessels pop, as do the blossoms’ soft petals and the details on all surrounding dishware. This is certainly an inviting flower display, sure to welcome anyone who is lucky enough to see it.

Short Glassware.

Dining room table flowers

This is a perfectly sweet way to display flowers, particularly informal garden or wild flowers. These clear glass jars or vases are simple, short, and unobtrusive…which means they let the bright, asymmetrical flowers shine. Any glass jars will do, of course – pint-sized Mason jars (or quart-sized, depending on the length of your flower stems), stemware, glass drinking cups, you name it. I love how this method can be thrown together in literally minutes, and the overall effect is still deliciously charming.

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