5 Features That Will Turn Laundry Day Into A Breeze

When laundry day comes many of us wish they could teleport in time and go past this moment. Doing laundry is one of those things that nobody really likes to do but, at the same time, it’s necessary and it’s something you have to live with. It’s why it would be best to get used with the idea and to try to make it an action as pleasant as possible. Here are a few features that might help:

1. Fun sorting bins.

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Sorting can be a pain but it can also be fun if you know how to turn it into a game. For example, it wouldn’t feel like an obligation if you also get to practice your hoop shots while doing it. It’s very simple. Just get three bins or as many as you think you’ll need, throw the whites in one, the bright colors in another and have fun while you’re at it.

2. Practical storage spaces.

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Make sure you keep everything close at hand so you don’t have to go through too much trouble when trying to get the detergent or anything else. A suspended shelf would be a simple and practical investment. Use it for all your washing liquids as well as for boxes containing clothespins and all sorts of similar items.

3. A TV.

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Sometimes when you have lots of clothes to iron or fold, you wish you would have a TV in the room to keep you company. Since most laundry rooms are small, you don’t need or have the space for a large TV. A small one should be enough. Mount it on the wall or put it in a corner. It wouldn’t be wise to waste space with something optional.

4. A big table.

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It’s true that there’s usually not much space in the laundry room for a large table but, if you can find the space or somehow solve the problem, the table would be a very nice addition to the room. A large table is great for folding clothes and it’s also something you can use for various other activities and purposes.

5. Cheerful decorations.

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A pleasant décor is not entirely defined by its functionality and practicality. Sometimes a room needs something extra in order to feel truly inviting. In the case of the laundry room, there’s no point in wasting space with large, unnecessary decorations. But you can, however, opt for a cheerful pattern for the wallpaper or add some fun wall decals. You could also have a few beautiful plants in case your laundry room has large windows.

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