5 Faucets We Love For A Modern House

Most of the times, a house can be considered modern if it has modern fixtures. These include elements such as the faucets and the kitchen and bathroom accessories in general. They can be considered a symbol of modernity and they can be recognized by their simplicity and sleek designs. We have selected 5 examples to illustrate this idea.

1. The Minimo kitchen faucet by Gessi.

Minimal gessi faucet

Minimo, as its name suggests, is a sleek faucet with a minimalist design. It features clean and clear lines, a sleek shape and a thin swivel spout. It’s an element that would make your kitchen stand out and will give it a unique flair. It’s a faucet that is both elegant and casual and that would fit in most modern kitchens.

2. The Asta faucet by CEA Design.

Faucets ceadesign asta cartesio

This particular faucet is also minimalist but it also has a different characteristic that describes it. It features an intriguing design with delicate lines and an overall very stylish look. The design is fluid and this gives the faucet a unique allure. It’s a beautiful fixture that would complement nicely any modern or contemporary kitchen.

3. The My Style faucet by Esprit.

Uban faucet esprit kludi kitchen

Created by International brand Esprit in collaboration with the German kitchen faucet manufacturer Kludi, My style is a particularly intriguing faucet because of its shape and overall impressive look. It’s sleek and yet imposing. The design is minimalist and features a chrome-finish holder with a flexible white hose and spout attachment. The faucet can be moved in all directions and this makes very practical as well.

4. The Delta Fuse faucet.

Delta fuse kitchen faucet 2

Delta fuse ktchen faucet

The Delta Fuse kitchen faucet features an elegant design with delicate lines as well as an eye-catching look, thanks to the colorful insertions. It’s a stainless steel fixture and it’s available in several versions: Cracked Pepper, Chili Pepper or Snowflake White, these being the accent colors. The faucet also features MagnaTite docking and Diamond seal technology, making an innovative element for any kitchen.

5. The Natura faucet by Newform.

Faucet natura newform 1

Faucet natura newform 2

The Natura faucet brings uniqueness to any kitchen. It’s also suitable for the bathroom. Its design is a hybrid structure and it’s a part from a large designer bathroom faucets collection. It’s composed of a faucet and a container. The container allows you to bring a piece of nature inside and maybe have some fresh flowers by your side when working in the kitchen. It’s a fun and interesting design and this makes it particularly beautiful and attractive.