5 Fast & Easy Summer Guest Bedroom Touchups

If you’ve been traveling at all this season, you’ll likely have experienced a stay or two in a guest bedroom. Some of these spaces really hit the spot – up entering, you instantly feel welcomed, calmed, and, at least to a certain degree, at home. Of course, you’ll want your own guests to feel the same way while they’re visiting your home. Here are some quick tips to creating a summery haven for visitors that don’t require a ton of money or time but that could make all the difference in the ambiance of your guest room.

(Warning: Incorporating these ideas may create such a memorable experience for your guests that they will want to come visit you again and again and again. Consider yourselves warned.)

1. What’s on your horizontal surfaces?

Tiny bedroom

Consider swapping out dusty tabletop décor for something beachy or coastal or otherwise summery. Good options include textural items like baskets, shells, raw wooden pieces, etc. This very simple move has the ability to lighten the mood of the whole room. It also helps to keep the space feeling fresh.

2. How does the room smell?

Tiny bedroom

Consider displaying a vase- (or bucket-)ful of colorful fresh flowers in a prominent place. They could be wildflowers you found on your morning walk or a bouquet purchased at the local grocer’s – it doesn’t really matter much, as long as they’re pretty and smell good. Adding flowers takes little effort, really, but makes a world of difference in making even the barest of guest bedrooms feel like a welcoming, cozy home-base for guests.

3. Will your guests be comfortable if they sleep either cold or hot?

Tiny bedroom

Consider providing a variety of blanket options, but especially include lightweight fabrics and textiles in the mix. Think linens, cottons, or gauzes around the room. This bed throw looks like it’s made out of some kind of waffle knit, a warm-weather must. After blankets are considered, move on to non-blanket textiles that make an impact. For example, the nightstand covering here is a simple linen square and looks wonderfully casual and summery.

4. Does the room feel like a dungeon of sorts?

Tiny bedroom

Lighten up! Whether you end up repainting walls or freshening up the bedding, consider going with a light, soothing color palette. This helps the room to feel brighter and guests to feel calm. Oh, and make sure there’s some interesting artwork on the walls – even just one piece for your visitors to ponder while dressing for the day will go a long way toward their overall enjoyment in your home.

5. Is there anything for your guest to do?

Tiny bedroom

Consider stocking the room with books of all sizes and types and genres. Include some biographies, some graphic novels, even some sudoku puzzles. Guests will appreciate browsing your shelves and, with such a variety available, will hopefully be able to pick out a few books to browse through or even read cover-to-cover during their stay. This is an especially thoughtful addition for those who like to read themselves to sleep.

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