5 Elements Which Are Representative For The Asian Style

Each style has elements that are representative in its case. Those are not necessarily elements that are uniquely found in those regions or in that style but that have been extensively used for that specific influence and have become symbols. For the Asian style, those elements include the use of clean and simple lines, floral motifs, wall art and natural materials.

1. Furniture and wall art.

Tea asian loby

Asian-style furniture is usually simple and austere-looking but it’s also common for it to feature intricate detailing. For example, detailed scenes are often painted on dark cabinet with lacquered finishes. The wall art often includes vintage portraits and mirrors and framed photos or other types of artwork are not common to this style.

2. Natural materials.

Tea asian loby

Another important detail that is specific to Asian interior is the use of natural materials, especially in the case of the bathrooms. Here the goal is to try to get closer to nature and references to this aspect are often included in the décor. Most Asian-style bathrooms include light stone tiles, wood elements and rock pebbles.

3. Orchids.

Tea asian loby

Orchids have a strong symbolism in the Oriental culture in general. They have been used in traditional medicine and a source of herbal remedies in China since 2800 BC and they remained a beautiful symbol ever since. They are delicate yet very strong and they can usually be found as ornaments in most Asian homes.

4. Clean lines.

Tea asian loby

As we’ve already mentioned, another important element that is specific to Asian-style interior is the use of clean and simple lines. This allows the design itself to stand out and all the other decorative details to complement the design and to create a harmonious composition.

5. Low furniture – for tea sitting.

Tea asian loby

A tea room is an important part of most Asian homes. It usually includes a low table and several floor cushions with Asian-inspired patterns. By sitting on a cushion or directly on the floor a stronger connection with nature is established.

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