5 Easy Winter Centerpiece Ideas

The holiday season is just around the corner. But if you’re not quite ready to deck the halls just yet, you can still show a little bit of a festive spirit with some winter themed décor. Here are five easy centerpiece ideas you can make yourself.

Metallic Fall Décor.

Winter bottle

If you’re the kind of person who likes to decorate for the seasons, chances are you have some type of autumn centerpiece on your table right now. A really easy way to bring that same centerpiece back out for winter is simply to add some metallic paint.


Little pumpkins, gourds and leaves can still be festive for winter if they look like they’ve been hit with a bit of frost. So whip out your white and silver spray paint and cover your current centerpiece with a quick coat. Then you’ll be all set for the winter months.

White Florals.


A popular type of year round centerpiece is a simple vase of flowers. While bright colors like pink and yellow don’t exactly scream winter, white flowers remind us of snow and can be perfect for winter centerpieces. You can use a simple vase or just include some white flowers into another, more elaborate centerpiece idea.

Pinecones and Berries.


Pinecones are always associated with evergreens and holiday décor. Collect a few from your yard or even pick some up at a craft store and throw them in a vase or other clear container. Throw in a few plastic berries or other embellishments to add some color and you have a really easy solution.

Etched Glass Snowflakes.


If you have a vase or other glass container that you already use for centerpieces, you can simply add some snowflakes to it for a little bit of wintery flair. Etch small snowflakes around the glass or just add one large one to the middle and you’ll have a perfect container for some poinsettias or other pieces.

Evergreen Base.


Evergreen trees are around the entire year, but are especially associated with winter because they are basically the only source of green during that time. Whatever your centerpiece choice is, you can make it feel extra wintery by just adding a little base of evergreen garland or a wreath.

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These are just a few of the many ideas you can use to make your own winter centerpiece or even update your current one. Having a centerpiece that fits the season can help you feel more festive and add a great focal point to your room.

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