5 Easy Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Utensils

Some people have a couple and others have multiples of every single tool. Kitchen utensils can easily get out of hand if they’re not organized correctly. Then it’s not only chaotic to look at but not functional to work with when it comes time to make dinner. From the simplest of ways to the most adorable displays, we’ve got a quick list of organizing ideas to get all your kitchen utensils in order for your next big meal.

1. Hide them in drawers.

Wall kitchen utensils

A simple, quick and easy way to keep things under control. If you’ve got a nice size drawer to drop your tools in a neat and tidy way, then do it! They’re off the counter tops and easily accessible when it’s time to cook. You can even get inserts to help make different compartments for different size utensils.

2. Use a minimalistic container.

Wall kitchen utensils

If you want something clean and sleek, use a very minimal (in style) container. A jar or neutral colored-canister is a great look for a monochromatic and contemporary kitchen. The tools will be easily to grab but still with a tidy look. Keep your wood and stainless steel tools separate by using separate containers too.

3. Place them over-the-door.

Wall kitchen utensils

Use an over-the-door storage mat to tuck away all your tools. It’s an easy and quick way to get things cleaned up and just as easy to find and use them. You can also add some other things in the pockets too. Quick treats, measuring spoons, napkins … anything you can’t find a place for but need to organize. Decorate it with ribbons and fun-colored labels!

4. Build something with style.

Wall kitchen utensils

Take a trip to the hardware store to grab some items needed to make this. The utensils are off the counter tops, easily seen and hung in a stylish way. Use colors that blend with your kitchen or maybe even ones that pop out against a neutral space to jazz things up a bit.

5. Throw them in a basket.

Wall kitchen utensils

Baskets on a door or on the wall are a rustic, country-flavored way to keep your tools in order. It’s a little vintage, a pinch masculine but a lot charming. And it’s easy enough to do if you’ve got the wall space! You can even add a little label to help yourself sort. Have a basket for baking, serving and cooking! All the tools will have their own spot with no room for chaos.