5 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal in Time for Spring

Even though many places are still covered in snow and battling low temperatures, spring is on its way. When spring is here, you’ll likely want to make sure the outside of your home showcases some curb appeal. While you can’t do too much with a snow covered front yard, there are a few simple ways to get your home ready for warmer weather before spring even begins.

Assess Your Needs.

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The first step in any home project is to decide what it is you actually want to accomplish. So take a look at the outside of your home, and imagine what it looks like during the warmer months if need be, to figure out what will improve your curb appeal the most. Is the porch cluttered? Does the house need a new coat of paint? Do you just need more plants and decorations? Making these decisions will help you lay out a budget and a plan.

Order New Items.


You may not be able to get everything just yet, but there are a fair amount of items that you can probably pick up or at least order before it’s time to actually put them out. Decide on paint colors, pots for plants, gates, or other items and order them early so they’ll be ready for the first signs of spring.

Toss Old Items.


Anything you currently own that doesn’t fit into your new and improved curb appeal plan can get tossed immediately. Remove clutter from your porch, take down that old gate that is falling over, and throw away anything else that is just getting in the way of your vision.

Power Clean.


After you get rid of all the superfluous items, it’s time to clean. Depending on just how cold it is, you might have to wait a bit longer for this. But it doesn’t need to be tropical for you to remove leaves and junk from your gutters and power wash your windows. It might not seem like it, but these little things can have a big impact on your overall curb appeal.

Plant in Containers.


It may still be too early to plant flowers and greenery outside, but there are plenty of options available that can get planted in pots. Getting this done early will ensure you don’t have to kick off spring without flowers in tow. And it will allow you to focus on other things once the weather is good enough to do so.

Even if it’s still too cold to plant some flowers and pull weeds, there are plenty of ways you can already get to work on enhancing your home’s curb appeal. And if you get started now, your home will require so much less work when spring actually arrives, leaving you more time to actually enjoy the warm weather and all it has to offer.

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