4 Easy Valentine’s Day Decor DIYs

Valentine’s day is coming. Soon your house will smell of roses and heart-shaped chocolate boxes will cover the kitchen counters. In the meantime, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your home a little more festive. Hearts, pink, sparkles ….. it’s all a part of the Valentine’s day spirit!!

1. Curly-Q Garland.

Framed wall art

Grab some red and pink paper and create your own, airy heart garland! Hang it around the window or in the hallway for a Valentine’s day dinner party or just for some extra lovey cheer around the 14th. Make sure you have some fishing wire so the hearts look like they’re just floating around the space instead of colored string you can clearly see from far away.

2. Yarn Hearts.

Framed wall art

These take practically no time to create. And they can adorn any doorknob or window in the house. Of course you can use these as little Valentines for all your friends but they’re also great little ways to spruce up the corners of the house. You can even add these to dinnertime place settings for some festivity.

3. Love Jars.

Framed wall art

Dye some clear jars with pretty pinks and use some puff paint to spell out a sweet phrase. Then, add some fresh flowers to spruce up the breakfast table or mantle. It’s easy to do, even with the kiddos, and you’ll have them to use for next year too! And a bit of glitter never hurts, tie off the top of the jars and vases with wonderful pieces of girly ribbon.

4. Valetine’s Printable.

Framed wall art

All you have to do is find the printable that’s right for you and print it off! There are so many generous artists out there creating pretty and free printables for all of us to use! So, scour the Internet, find a frame that fits the Valentine’s day theme and then put them in fun places around the house. Your bedroom, craft room or even the home office could use a bit of festivity. And it’s something you can use over and over again!