5 Easy Easter Day Decor Ideas

The Easter bunny is on its way and you’ve still got time to get the house prepared before the big arrival! From the kids’ rooms to the kitchen, there are plenty of simple, novel ways to inspire this wonderful, springtime holiday. Check out all of these easy ideas and decorate the house before you dye the Easter eggs!

1. Easter Egg Garland.

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Spruce up the doorways with some colorful, Easter eggs. It’s springlike and playful, and works great as a festive, holiday piece. You can DIY some yourself using some twine or string with plastic eggs you may use for the annual Easter egg hunt! It’s simple, it’s easy and the kids can help you create it!{found on familyfocusblog}.

2. Sprinkle Tulips.

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On the dining room table, in the kitchen or in the living room, you must have some fresh tulips. Tulips are a signature spring flower and they’re perfect for shining some light around during this sunny holiday, Pink, yellow, white or a mixture of all three, tulips looks incredible in any color. Just find a perfect vase to place them in!

3. Eclectic Eggs.

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Don’t be afraid to get creative, even with those Easter eggs. Cover them in a cute little bit of crocheting or dip them in chalk paint to make your own designs on each. Again, this is a great family activity and it’ll be nice to have something different to decorate with then the same ole, traditional Easter decor.{found on flickr}.

4. Spring Wreaths.

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Whether your fill your wreath with eggs, bunnies or just some fun fabric scraps, you can easily create a fun, Easter wreath just in time for Sunday night family dinner. There are plenty of DIY helpers out there to show you how you can make your very own. My favorite? Use all of your leftover fabric scraps in the craft room so you don’t have to change the wreath out right after Easter. Instead, it’ll last all spring!{found on site}.

5. Bits of Bunnies.

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With Easter near, you need to have a least one bunny sitting pretty in the house. On the mantle, next to the fireplace or even as a centerpiece, a subtle bunny is a playful way to pay homage to a signature piece of spring. Go traditional and surround your bunny with fresh flowers or do something a bit more eclectic with a piece of wall art in the hallway.