5 Easy Christmas DIYs For Kids!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s time to spend time with the family and gorge on too many sugar cookies. But, still we like to keep things stylish and playful around the house. It’s time to decorate for the holidays, but we want the kids to help too! Gather round with the kiddos and pick out some of these fun DIY projects to do together and sprinkle around the house!

1. Photos in a jar.

Framed wall art christmas

Make some photo snow globes! Mason jars, your favorite family photos and maybe even some glitter, these adorable pieces look great on the mantle, on the window sills or on side tables all over the house. Wrap around some Christmas twinkle lights for an extra pop of festivity and these accessories will be family favorites for years to come.

2. Duct tape Christmas trees.

Framed wall art christmas

One of the easiest projects around, this duct tape Christmas tree will be a lot of fun for everyone. The kids will love “messing” up the walls and you get to have a interesting, eclectic piece of holiday decor for the house. The hallway, playroom or even in the home office would be great places to try this out at. You can even create tape ornaments and clip on some lights for extra sparkle.

3. A Christmas village.

Framed wall art christmas

Grab some wooden or porcelain mini buildings and have the kiddos paint their own Christmas village. Grab a bunch of Christmas paint colors, faux snow and glitter. Then find an extra table, clear on the mantle or let them up the bay window seat to set up their own little town! It’ll be a great scenery to have as their stockings hang from the fireplace.

4. Yarn Christmas trees.

Framed wall art christmas

Christmas trees are one of the biggest symbols of the holiday. So, why not make some yourself? Styrofoam cones, yarn and sparkly paint … these become quick and easy pieces of home decor for you and the little ones to make together. Create ones of different sizes and sprinkle them around the house for nice reminders of the fun you had together.

5. Twinkle lights wall art.

Framed wall art christmas

With your thumbs and some finger paint, making this adorable Christmas card … or better yet wall art … takes no time at all. And it’s a bunch of fun. Who doesn’t love to find paint? Make it multi-color and super big on a piece of poster board or small, dainty and monochromatic to fit the house’s Christmas theme.{found on meetthedubiens}.