5 DIY Front-Door Wreaths

With guests coming and going, parties large and small, friends and family gathering, our front doors get a lot of use at this time of year. What better way to set the stage for and welcome guests to your home than having a cheery holiday wreath on your front door? There are many lovely pre-made wreaths on the market, of course, but if you’re like me, you want to create your own personalized hanging. Lucky for all of use, many sources of DIY inspiration abound. Like these:

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We’ve all seen versions of this classic ornament wreath. The colors, size, width, or sheen may vary from wreath to wreath, but this idea will probably never go out of style. Bonus: It’s not hard to do! Simply cover a straw wreath in felt and hot glue ornaments of varying sizes (and, in this case, colors) to the felt. Hang and enjoy the holidays. I love the simplicity of this project and the HUGE bang for your décor buck.

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Sure, wreaths have traditionally been of a circular nature, but if you want yours to stand out, how about trying something square? Find (or paint) a square frame red to become your “wreath,” and hang non-shatter ornaments from the frame’s hook. I love the red, white, and green color scheme in this one. It’s festive, different, and definitely merry.{found on site}.

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For you craftier folks who find yourselves at the end of the year with more fabric scraps than you know what to do with, this is an absolutely charming wreath idea. Wrap thin fabric strips, bias tape, ribbon, or other trim around a basic styrofoam wreath form, and embellish to your crafty taste. I love the country-style cheer of this wreath (and how it makes good use of scraps!).{found on thatsmyletter}.

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There’s something nostalgic about yarn balls as holiday decor, which is probably why I adore this wreath. Yarn of various hues (but the same shade) of green is wrapped around styrofoam balls and highlighted with shiny red “berries.” By slightly altering the sheens of red and the tones of green, the wreath has a lovely dimension. This wreath undoubtedly welcomes us to Home.

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If you’re looking for simple and classy, you’ve found it. Gold berry picks are stuck into a basic grapevine wreath…the end. It doesn’t get simpler than this, yet this wreath is perfectly welcoming. You could leave it as-is or add a bit of color to your taste. This kind of DIY at this bustling time of year is absolutely my speed.{found on bowerpowerblog}.