5 DIY Chalkboard Projects for Your Home

Chalkboard paint is gaining a lot of popularity among home design and DIY enthusiasts, and for good reason. It makes note-taking and list-making around your home so much easier. It can also be decorative. And chalkboard paint is easy to find in craft stores and you can even make your own. Here are a few chalkboard projects you can easily make around your home.

Framed Chalkboard


When you picture a chalkboard, you probably picture a large, plain board with no flare or defining characteristics. But chalkboards can certainly be decorative. HGTV shows you how to make an ornate gold-framed chalkboard that you can use as a menu, party sign, or decoration.

Chalkboard Tabletop


Have you ever been sitting at your kitchen table and felt the need to jot down some notes, but found yourself without a notepad? This chalkboard tabletop DIY from Houzz would allow you to always have a way to organize your thoughts when sitting at the table. It could also be useful when having guests over instead of using place cards, or playing games such as tic-tac-toe.

Chalkboard Door


You’ve undoubtedly seen little whiteboards or bulletin boards that are made to hang over doors to leave notes or reminders. So why not just make a place for that right on the door itself? With this tutorial from The Wood Grain Cottage, you can create a chalkboard directly on the door panel to your room, or even make a little menu station or shopping list on your pantry door.

Chalkboard Refrigerator


Of course you can use chalkboard paint on your walls and your furniture. But did you know you can also use it on appliances? Yes, it’s just as easy to put a few coats of chalkboard paint onto your refrigerator, so that you can use it as a shopping list or just create some neat artwork like this one from The Handmade Home.

Chalkboard Containers


You likely have a lot of containers around your kitchen for things like sugar and flour. And you probably have other refillable storage containers for other things around the rest of your home as well. This tutorial from Oh So Very Pretty gives you an easy way to label all of your ceramic containers so that you can easily change them if you fill the container with something else.

All of these projects are very easy and can be done with just a couple of supplies. So if you haven’t done so already, picking up a can of chalkboard paint could prove to be a very worthwhile investment for your home.