5 Different Ways to Use Wallpaper

Although in recent years we’ve seen a decline in the amount of wallpaper users; it’s still a very versatile, functional piece of home decor. There are so many different styles, colors, designs, patterns and textures to choose from – it’s like creating instantaneous personality and art for your walls and hom.But so many people have preconceived notions about wallpaper. They think … it’s too old-fashioned … it’s too hard to put up … it’s out of style. Well, they’re wrong. There are different ways to utilize some good ole wallpaper and we’re here to show you how and why you should!

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Take a peek at these 5 different ways to use wallpaper. Maybe they’ll spark a new idea or maybe you’ll snag one from the list, either way, anything is better than have 4 walls of each room plastered in ugly wallpaper or boring one-shade walls.

1. Keep it to a single wall.

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Just like with a vibrant paint color or design, using wallpaper on just one wall of a room will create a different personality and flavor than if you were to keep it one-shade. It can still match the room and create a sense of uniqueness without being a cliche wallpapered mess. And it’s an easy way to create a theme. Vintage, contemporary, trendy, feminine and even masculine; wallpaper can help create the ethos you want and feel comfortable with.{found on creamlife}.

2. Bring on the stripes or add it to the floor.

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There is absolutely no way around it. Stripes add pizazz and instant flair. And instant of painting or stenciling on your own lengthening design, use wallpaper to create the lines. You can even add some to the floor! It’ll be fun to use in a child’s playroom, in a bonus room or even a dining room that needs to be opened up.

3. Cover up a boring or imperfect ceiling.

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Really want to bring out some personality or surprise? Try adding wallpaper to the ceiling. Whether it matches the walls or not ..  it’ll definitely add more dimension to a smaller and shorter space. Don’t be scared to try this … look up some more inspiration if you have to. It won’t disappoint!{picture from pinterest}.

4. Style your closet.

Wallpapar closetView in gallery

Yes the closets hold your style but you can also style your closet. Use wallpaper to bring some life into the drab walls of a well used closet. It’ll easy brighten up the place or add a nice, personal touch to a space that never gets enough decor attention. You’ll love opening up those closet doors and seeing all the new prettiness inside.

5. Cover the top of a  table.

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Need something to accessorize your house and add  a quick pop? Pick out wallpaper that fits your vision and cover the tops of your older tables with it. It’s super easy and you’ll be more than happy with the finished product. And you’ll give those worn tables a fresher look.