5 Different Ways To Use Trunks Around the House

I’m a big fan of trunks. There are so many interesting ways to utilize them around the house from a functional standpoint, as well as a style point of view. You can find trunks in so many different colors, sizes and even shapes. I’m a huge lover vintage trunks that are a little beat up and look like they have a bit of history attached to them. But you can also get really sleek, monochromatic ones too, for those more contemporary rooms and homes. Let’s take a look at some different ways you can use these pieces not only as storage but also to spruce the place up a bit and give a little more personality in an unsuspecting place.

1. Place one at the foot of the bed.

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Using a fun, interesting trunk at the foot of the bed is a great way to add to the bedroom’s theme. Make sure you find one that’s around the width of your bed though, you don’t want it to look too tiny in front of a larger bed. You can use it to store linens, books and more pillows too!

2. Place one on the patio.

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Whether you want to enjoy a nice little picnic on the patio or not, rustic trunks are great for the outdoors. Keep your grilling tools inside and use it to hike up your feet and relax as the fall wind blows. And it’s a perfect place to grab a seat on the ground and have a nice little snack!

3. Place one in front of the couch.

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The right size trunk is the best alternative option to a coffee table (as long as it has a flat top). Hide your magazines and even board games inside and use it as an ottoman or to hold your soda pop for the night. It’s more interesting than a plain coffee table too and it’s a great place to add a bit of fashion and personality.

4. Place one next to the wall.

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If you’re lucky to have a trunk that’s not only interesting to look at, but tall enough to act as a buffet-style table, then you must use it in your home’s decor! Whether in the foyer, hallway or in the living room, a trunk brings the nooks and crannies of your house to life.

5. Place one to the side of the bed.

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Just like a coffee table, trunks can be a fabulous way to incorporate some pizazz in an area that’s usually a “snooze” fest. Use a trunk as your nightstand to hold you book, alarm clock and tiny little night lamp.