5 Different Ways To Use Christmas Wrapping Paper

Throughout December, wrapping paper fills the hallways, trash cans and obviously, covers all the new gifts under the tree. But, what do you do with all the leftovers? If you’re done your wrapping early this year or fell in love with a roll or two of paper and just can’t bare to cut it to shreds to wrap some presents, how about using it in some alternative ways? Surprisingly, there are a few cool things to do with it that I had never thought of before! Check out these fun and different ways to use Christmas wrapping paper instead!

1. DIY Wrapping Paper Wreath.

Framed christmas gift wrapper

We’ve learned that one of the most fun, versatile and easiest projects to take on is that of the welcome wreath.  And we’ve also learned that you can make one out of your Christmas wrapping paper! So, not only are you upcycling the leftover paper pieces but you’re also creating a wonderful pieces of holiday decor!

2. Wrapping Paper Coasters.

Framed christmas gift wrapper

Take your decoupage skills to a new level and make some coasters using some of your leftover wrapping paper! Cut out a certain design and frame it on the coaster or cover it completely with a bright and festive pattern. You can give them as fun little gifts or dress your living room tables with them!

3. Wrapping Paper Confetti.

Framed christmas gift wrapper

Cut up your Christmas paper scarps to make confetti! Spread it out on the dining room table to dress it up for Christmas Eve dinner or sprinkle some on your plainer wrapped gifts to give it some extra pizazz. The kids will love this and not even the tiniest leftover scraps will go to waste!

4. Wrapping Paper Door.

Framed christmas gift wrapper

Need an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your front door for Christmas, or any door in the house for that matter? Just use some wrapping paper! Patterns, brights colors or rolls of all glittered paper, it’s a quick way to add some holiday cheer to the house! And it’s an easy clean up too!

5.Wrapping Paper Wall Art.

Framed christmas gift wrapper

Obviously, you can use any type of wrapping paper to create some wall art. But, this is an easy wall to make some Christmas decor for the house. Take that extra sheet of your favorite wrapping paper of the season and pop it in a frame. Place it in the hallway or over the mantle for holiday decor that will last for years to come!