5 Details Usually Found In Modern Kitchens

Nowadays, modern and contemporary are the preferred styles, especially for rooms such as the kitchen or the bathroom. They can be easily distinguished from traditional or vintage decors for example and there are some elements that are typical to them and that are usually found in all such spaces. We have selected five of them.

1. The lack of ornamentation.

Modern kitchen industrial

The first thing that anyone would look for when decorating a modern kitchen is the simplicity of the furniture and the lack of ornamentation. It’s an element that can help you easily make the difference between this style and others. A modern kitchen will never feature unnecessary details or decorations. The focus is on functionality.

2. The slab-door style.

Modern kitchen industrial

This is a signature element of modern kitchens. It’s an element also related to the overall simplicity and preference for clean-cut lines and lack of carved details usually seen in traditional furniture. In the kitchen this is an element related, first of all, to functionality and it makes everything easier to clean and maintain. It’s a practical detail and an important element to take into consideration whenever you’re looking for furniture for your modern kitchen.

3. Frameless cabinets.

Modern kitchen industrial

Frameless furniture is preferred in modern kitchens because they create a continuous look. It basically means that the actual frame of the cabinets is not visible and that the doors overlay the frame. This way, when having two or more cabinets placed at the same level, they will form one continuous piece and the décor will become sleek and simple.

4. Simple hardware.

Modern kitchen industrial

If, in the case of vintage, antique or cottage-style furniture, the hardware was of great important and the element that added extra charm and beauty to the design, in the case of modern furniture it becomes an element that is best when it not seen. It’s why some modern kitchen cabinets don’t even have drawer pulls. Most of the times, they have linear hardware running the full length of the drawers and doors.

5. Industrial-style details.

Modern kitchen industrial

A lot of the times, a modern kitchen will be complemented by industrial-style accents. These are two styles that look beautiful together and that share most of the basic elements, such as the simplicity, the lack of unnecessary ornaments and the preference for visually striking materials. For example, you could have concrete floors in your kitchen, concrete walls or industrial-style decorations such as the pendant lamps.{picture source:1,2,3,4 and 5}.