5 Creative Wooden Alarm Clock iPhone Docks

Give your iPhone a place to rest by choosing one of these creative alarm clock docks. We’ve made a selection of five of the most interesting and we’re going to present them to you one by one.

1. Cdock

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The first one is called Cdock and it’s a simple and good-looking analog dock that will charge your iPhone when you slip it into the housing. When you slip your iPhone inside the dock almost resembles an old TV. It’s simple, functional and fun. The Cdock comes in walnut for the price of $70, black for $55 or aluminum for $60.

2. Alarm dock

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The second one is simply called Alarm Dock. Nevertheless, it’s very attractive, although equally simple. The Alarm Dock was designed by Jonas Damon. It’s very simple and it basically looks like an alarm clock. It’s made of wood and it’s available for $40.

3. The Cherry iPhone Dock/Speaker

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This creative piece is offered by the Etsy shop Yellowblueglues. It’s a combination between an analog speaker and a dock that will amplify the speaker of your iPhone to a decent level. You can buy this one for $65.

4. The Radio Dock

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This particular dock was designed to look like an old transistor radio. Except for that, it’s a dock like any other one. The Radio Dock was also designed by Jonas Damon, the creative director of Frog Design.

5. The Archetype C3 Desktop Dock

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Our last choice is the Archetype C3 Desktop Dock that will work with any iPhone. It has a more sculptural design and it lifts the iPhone. It’s a very good-looking dock and it will be easy to integrate in any décor.Found on site.