5 coffee makers to help you start your day

There’s nothing like a nice cup of coffee to start the day with. It gives instant energy and helps you put yourself together in the morning. In order to be able to enjoy all that you’ll need a professional coffee maker that will not only make your job easier but it will also offer you unique flavors. Here’s a list of five coffee makers that caught our eye.

1. MIele coffee machine – CM 5200 OneTouch

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Designed for demanding coffee connoisseurs, the CM 5200 coffee machine allows cappuccino and latte macchiato to be served at the touch of a single button. This means you’ll be able to save some time in the morning while also enjoying the delicious taste of your favorite drink. The coffee machine is also able to dispense two drinks into separate cups or glasses if required. It also features a fully automatic rinsing cycle of milk lines which flushes the milk lines with water from the tank, ensuring excellent hygiene.Available for € 1,150.

2. AEG coffee machine – Favola A Modo Mio

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This particular item comes in two versions: Favola and Favola Plus. It combines three unique elements: the elegance of the Scandinavian design, the advanced AEG technology and the incredibly delightful Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee capsules. Now you can enjoy the Italian coffee, cappuccino or latte macchiato from home, every morning. Each A Modo Mio capsule contains the optimum amount of 7.5 grams of Italian roasted coffee so you don’t have to worry about a thing.Available for € 180.

3. Melitta bar-cube IS fully automatic coffee machine

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This particular item has a more elaborate design, offering consistently perfect coffee quality for every conceivable coffee specialty as well as the finest hot chocolate specialties. It has a compact design and features boasts professional, high-performance components. It allows 30 beverage specialties to be easily stored via 5 operating levels.Price availabl on request.

4. Voice activated coffee maker by Hamilton Beach

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Now it’s time for a simpler and more compact design. This particular coffee machine is not simpler just because of its design but also because it can be vocally operated. If a traditional coffee maker seems too difficult for you or if you’re permanently in a rush, this might be the perfect answer to your problems. In order to use, simply press the button, listen and verbally respond to preprogrammed questions.Available for $60.

5. Jura Subito coffee maker

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Our last choice is the Jura Subito. This coffee maker is capable to brew cups of incredibly robust and delicious coffee in one shot, allowing you to save precious time. It features a 15-bar pump, height-adjustable coffee spout and 2-stage frothing nozzle steam and hot water function. The Jura Subito doesn’t have a coffee grinder so you’ll have to use ground coffee. Other than that, it’s easy to use and it offers delicious coffee. The system ensures that water passes through your coffee evenly to achieve a full, rich aroma.The price its available on request.