5 clever storage solutions for small spaces

When you have a small home it’s hard to find the space for all the things that need to be stored. For that you have to be creative and to come up with new ideas that work for your home. Here are five ideas that you can use as inspiration and adapt toy our own space.

1. Storage inside the headboard.

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Since the bed occupies almost the entire bedroom, there’s not much space left for storage. If you also decide to have a headboard then the chances diminish even further. But there’s a way to turn all that in your favor. You can sue the headboard as a storage unit. It’s a clever and simple way of maximizing the storage space in the bedroom.

2. Storage inside the walls.

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The walls are what keeps a house above the ground and also what delimitates the rooms. However, sometimes the wall can become unnecessary. Whether it’s the case or not, you can also use the walls as storage spaces. For example, you can use the space inside the walls from the bathroom and thus make it more functional and airy.

3. Laundry room in a cupboard.

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When you have a small home, there’s not enough space for a separate laundry room. In this case you have to adapt and come up with something new. If you carefully measure the space, a cupboard can replace a laundry room. All you need is a series of shelves of different dimensions and storage boxes of various sizes. You can also add some hooks if you like. This will help keep everything in place and will also help you be more organized.

4. Storage units used as room dividers.

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If you prefer an open floor plan, then you need to delimitate the areas somehow. Since the walls are no longer a solution, you can use room dividers. This is another opportunity to introduce some storage space. You can use furniture such as cabinets, storage units or other block units to divide the areas. They serve both as room dividers and as practical storage spaces.

5. Storage under the bed.

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The headboard is a great way of adding storage space to your bedroom. However, if you don’t have the space for a headboard or if you simply don’t want one, there’s still another way. You can use the space under the bed for storage. You can fill it with boxes or you can create separate compartment. You can use that space to store all sorts of things and it’s a particularly clever idea for the children’s bedroom and all their toys.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.