5 Cabin-Inspired Color Combinations

Creating a rustic escape for you and your family? Or are you lucky enough to have a cozy, warm cabin in the mountains somewhere? Well, if you’re making a homespun space, then you need the colors to start the work. With the perfect foundation you can create a home that’s not only a cabin-inspired, welcoming place but stylish too! Add warmth and add rustic flavor to any nook or cranny. From the walls to the furniture, it’s all something to think about in terms of color. So take a peek at our picks for the most perfect cabin-inspired color combinations and see if one catches your eye!

1. Canary and Grass.

Modern living room with view

For a brighter look with a bit of a modern punch, try canary and grass accents. It’s great for spring but also works well with a lot of wooden pieces. Don’t go overboard with either of the colors so nothing becomes too harsh. But, this combo is perfect for those that are inspired by nature and want a nature, fresh style.

2. Raspberry and Fire.

Modern living room with view

Layering reds is an incredibly bold move, but sometimes it’s extremely worth the risk. It’s dramatic, yet fresh and warm when put in a cozy space like in a cabin’s kitchen. It’s definitely a way to put a little class and sass into a family-friendly, sometimes dull space like the kitchen, study or living room.

3. Khaki and Mauve.

Modern living room with view

Using khaki as the foundation of a room will create a sense of calm and cleanliness is a rustic space. Then adding small pops of mauve, a pink-inspired tone, will add a bit of femininity to a typically masculine type home. You can in fact bring out the girlish charm in any area, even the most rugged cabins.

4. Moon and Mole.

Modern living room with view

A beautiful, unique blue meshed with a classic brown is a timeless color combination that works perfect with a cabin-esque home. Blues always give off the warm and cozies so it’s only natural to use them in a space that’s meant to give family and friends a welcoming vibe. For the kitchen or the guest bedroom, this combo is key.

5. Linen and Copper.

Modern living room with view

A neutral pairing, these colors will open up and widen any room. But, they’ll also compliment a lot of wood outlines and furniture pieces. Of course you can add another accent color for a pop, but why when these two enhance each other so well and add just the right amount of style to any cabin or room meant to be inspired by the mountaineer’s cottage?

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