5 Beautiful Spring Color Palettes for 2013

Spring gives birth to so many bits of wonderful. Blooming flowers, serene rain storms and some of the prettiest colors around. Between the pinks, pops of yellow and bright blues, spring is wonderful time for fashion. And that includes your home’s fashion! Today, we’re giving some ideas and inspiration to not one color choice, or even a duo but complete color palettes for a big spring makeover!

1. Peach, Coral, Aqua and Ivory.

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This is a vibrant, yet fresh look for the new season. A little feminine, but not overdone in girlishness, this quartet of colors will brighten up any room for the springtime. Mix peach, coral, aqua and ivory in any way you like to create a lively, masterfully designed space. Maybe your guest room or porch is calling for this color palette.

2. Silver, Hot Pink and White.

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Not the typical spring look, this trio of colors is perfect for a modern makeover. The hot pink adds the life and vibrancy, while the silver brings in some contemporary vibes and the white becomes the foundation and freshness of the room. This is again, great for a bedroom but also a fun choice for the home office or dining room.

3. Soft Yellow, Powder Blue, Mango and Lime.

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Done right, this bunch of colors can make a surprising serene and playful space. Using the softer shades in the bigger ways, as the foundation or furniture pieces and the brighter mango and lime as accents, you’ll easily create a flirty, stylish room. The powder blue will add to the relaxation while the yellow will help to brighten.

4. Red, Blush Pink and Cream.

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One of the more unusual pairs, this color trio brings a fresh, edgy vibe into any home. The bedroom, living room or even the kitchen – reds, blush pinks and cream is such a contemporary, subtle way to redesign any room. Leave your white foundation and then add these two contrasting shades for a bright, yet bold and fashionable flavor.

5. Lavender, Light Pink and Gold.

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This is another fresh, yet soft, color palette. Perfect for a bit of romance, lavender, light pink and gold will create an easy, vintage-inspired springtime style. You’ll feel a bit like a princess with these colors in the bedroom but they’re also great for making the guest bathroom a bit prettier too. And you’ll have a lot of fun picking out fun pieces to accessorize with.

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