5 beautiful roof patios

A roof patio is an extraordinary feature. First of all, it allows you to relax and entertain your guests while admiring the views. Also, a roof patio gives you a lot of freedom in terms of design and décor. We have selected five roof patios that we think have particularly beautiful and stylish designs and we hope they will be a nice source of inspiration for those seeking to create a similar look.

1. Minimalist white patio.

Roof patio fireplace1

Out first example is a roof patio designed by Elemental Design. It’s located in Seattle, WA and it features beautiful timber flooring that was painted white. It has a minimalist look and it seems very relaxing. It features natural plants as decorations and it can be an ideal space for relaxing with friends and enjoying a drink white chatting.

2. Elegant, modern patio.

Roof patio fireplace1

This patio was designed by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech. It features very beautiful outdoor furniture placed on a white surface. The furniture is modern and has compact designs. It has block-like structures with wood frames and black upholstery. The color contrast is very beautiful, especially the way the black and white and complemented by the natural wood finish.

3. Cozy patio.

Roof patio fireplace1

This is a small patio from San Francisco. It was designed by Gast Architects and it only features a small, square-shaped table with four chairs around it. It’s a nice space to enjoy coffee in the morning or to even have breakfast. It’s a more intimate patio not designed for large groups of people. The furniture is simple and has a casual look.

4. Expansive roof patio.

Roof patio fireplace1

This is a more elaborate patio décor that even has a fireplace. It was designed by Natural Balance and it’s located in Vancouver, CA. It’s been decorated with a large sectional and a matching armchair and table. The colors of the furniture and fireplace are very similar. It’s a very comfortable design wonderful for evening reunions.

5. Contemporary patio.

Roof patio fireplace1

The last example is a contemporary patio from San Francisco, CA. It was designed by John Maniscalco Architecture and it has a linear, modern fireplace. The furniture is compact with clean-cut lines and minimalist design. It’s a relatively small patio but it’s been cleverly organized and the result was a comfortable and very pleasant space.