5 Beautiful Radios For Your Home And Office

A radio is one of those items that serve a double purpose. It’s both functional and stylish and it can make a wonderful decoration for the room. Of course, nowadays a radio has many other fucntions. It can be an accent piece or it can be stylish decoration for the desk. There are many different styles and designs to choose from. We’re only going to show five of them.

1. The Geneva Sound System large.

Areaware SSKMR Magno Model 2 Sustainable

This small wooden box has a very simple look but it hides many secrets. It has with CD player, FM radio and iPod dock and they can all be controlled by remote. It adapts the left and right signals from the two channels for a balanced 120 degree sound stage. It has a 100-watt digital amplifier and built-in stereo tweeters and woofers. It’s small but it offers the sound performance of large sound systems. Available for 1,199$.

2. The Geneva Sound System medium.

Areaware SSKMR Magno Model 2 Sustainable

Featuring a similar design to the one presented above, this is an all-in-one iPod and iPhone player. It has FM radio, speaker and amplifier and it’s a piece that you can include in your bedroom, kitchen, home office or any other space. Invisible controls light up when touched. Also, the system has a radio alarm that can be wired to a computer, iPad or other wireless device. It also features remote control functions. Available for 699$.

3. The Tivoli Audio® Model One Radio.

Areaware SSKMR Magno Model 2 Sustainable

Considered by some the best tabletop radio on the market, this radio has a handmade wood frame which is both aesthetically pleasant and durable. It’s compatible with iPods and numerous other players and is available in several different finishes. It has an external FM antenna and a 9’ power cord. It’s a great accessory for the home but also a wonderful gift for someone you care about. Available on site.

4. The Crosley iSolo radio.

Areaware SSKMR Magno Model 2 Sustainable

This is a radio that has a very interesting design. It looks very old but it’s actually very modern. The Crosley iSolo radio is a universal iPod dock. It has AM/FM radio, headphone jack, an external antenna and it only measures 7.5 x 8 x 5 inches. It features a 3″ studio driver with a 5:1 radio tuning dial and analog tuner.Available for 95$.

5. The Areaware Magno Model 2.

Areaware SSKMR Magno Model 2 Sustainable

This is also a small but surprising radio. It measures 7.5 x 4 x 7.5 inches, has AM/FM radio with 2 shortwave bands, audio input for mp3 support and it’s powered by 4 AA batteries or 6V DC adapted. It also has a line-out port for connection an external audio source such as an iPod or mp3 player. It’s handcrafted using sustainable, green materials and it’s wonderful for a variety of spaces such as offices, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.Available for 250$.