5 beautiful DIY wreaths with which you can welcome this year’s fall with style

Wreaths are beautifully regardless of the season. They are particularly great when they’re made out of symbolic elements that represent a certain season or theme. We thought we would give you a few ideas for a nice DIY week-end project. We have selected five beautiful wreath design ideas that can help you receive the new season with style.

1. A charming magnolia wreath.

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Making this wreath will only take about 25 minutes from start to finish. First you should find a wreath form. If you don’t have one maybe you can buy or make one yourself. The one in the pictures is a 22’’ form. Then you’ll need a small branch from a magnolia tree. You can also collect the fallen brown leaves for some extra color. You’ll also need some spray paint.

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The idea is to paint the green leaves a metallic shade. You can also try silver and bronze paint to see if it works. In this case, golden spray paint was used. Once this part is done, all you need to do is tuck the natural brown leaves into the wreath form and to mix them with gold ones. Hang it on the door and you’re done.{found on wildinkpress}.

2. Simple wreath with berries and felt.

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This project is a little more complex. It’s not made with leaves but with berries and some other elements. To make a similar one you should start with a natural stick wreath that you can either buy or make it yourself. You’ll also need some fabrics such as brown felt, cream felt, green fabric and jute webbing. Make rosettes out of the felt and attach them to the wreath. Add some berries here and there and also make some leaves out of the green fabric. There should be plenty of different fall-ish colors. Hang the wreath with the jute webbing and it’s all done.{found on burlapandlaceblog}.

3. An early Halloween wreath.

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It’s not Halloween yet but you can start making your decorations one by one just to be sure you’re done in time. The wreath is a simple project and it’s also an element that looks beautiful on the entrance door regardless of the occasion. If you make a Halloween wreath now you’ll have more time to spend on your other decorations. The materials you need for this one are a straw wreath form, some black fur, a thick, black satin ribbon and some spider and bat decorations. First apply a coat of black spray paint on the wreath form. Then wrap the black fur around it. Wrap the satin ribbon around the top and make a bow. Attach the little themed decorations and hang the wreath on the door.{found on handmadehomebody}.

4. Colorful welcome wreath.

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This friendly wreath is very easy to make and requires few materials. You’ll need a stick wreath, a mini-chalkboard, a spool of ribbon, some wired silk flowers and a hot glue gun. First detach all the flowers from their stalks and remove the excess leaves. Then decide where you want the flower bunch to go on the wreath. Push the wire stalks through the wreath and mix the colors. You can also make a smaller flower bunch if you want. Twist the wire bits of the flowers together and fold them into the wreath. Then glue the ribbon to the back of the chalkboard and tie it into the wreath. You can write a friendly message on the chalkboard or anything else you want.{found on akitchentablefortwo}.

5. A Falloween wreath.

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This is another wreath idea that can be considered being part of two categories: fall and Halloween. To make it you need an extra-large grapevine wreath, 2 floral stems and 2 berry twigs, 2 black birds, a package of black creepy cloth, a roll of orange ribbon and a spider. Start by wrapping the wreath in black cloth. Attach the flowers using wire and cover it with the orange ribbon. The birds should have built-in wires too so just stick them into the wreath as well. The spider should be easy to add too.{found on mathewsfamilyhappenings}.