5 Beautiful Color Schemes Suitable For The Kitchen

While in the kitchen there’s not much to debate regarding the furniture elements and appliances that need to be included in the design, other decisions are more difficult to make, especially those regarding the color scheme and all the little details. Some colors look wonderful in the kitchen while others are not that flattering. There are a few color schemes that are quite common fir this space. They are:

Yellow accents.

Turquoise kitchen design

A little yellow in the kitchen would make it shine and stand out. Yellow is a bold and beautiful color usually associated with the sun and it’s light and cheerful, being a great accent color for the kitchen backsplash, countertops or decorations. It can be combined with lots of other colors such as white, green, grey, etc.

Green accents.

Turquoise kitchen design

Green is a very refreshing color and it can be bold or it can be elegant, depending on the shade and intensity. For the kitchen, green is a color that can be used in many different ways. You could have a green rug or green flooring, green accent walls, green backsplashes or countertops. It looks especially beautiful when combined with white.

Bold walls with neutral accents.

Turquoise kitchen design

If you wish to maintain an overall simple décor for your kitchen but still wish to add something bold and eye-catching, accent walls are a great idea. For example, you can combine a bold color such a green with more neutral tones such as grey or brown.

White and pink.

Turquoise kitchen design

Pink is an interesting, bold and difficult color. It’s the type of thing that you either love or hate. If you like the brightness that this color offers and you wish to transfer some of its energy to your kitchen’s décor, you could opt for a refreshing combination such as white and pink. It’s simple and chic but it’s also bold and dynamic.

Turquoise and white.

Turquoise kitchen design

Turquoise is one of the most beautiful colors. It’s a very interesting shade that can be used to transmit lots of different feelings and that can create all sorts of images. In the kitchen, turquoise is a beautiful accent color because it’s vibrant but it’s also relaxing and calming. It can be combined with white for a stylish and fresh décor.

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