5 Beautiful And Cozy Chalets, Wonderful Winter Getaways

During summer, everyone searches for large open spaces that can give them the freedom they need and where they can admire the beauty of nature. But when winter comes, everything changes. We all try to get as cozy as possible and we’re trying to find small and warm spaces such as chalets. These are great destinations during winter and they usually benefit from amazing locations and views. Here are 5 wonderful chalets to visit this winter.

1.Ski chalet in the Alps, Chalet Baloo, Chamonix, France.

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Chalet Baloo is located in Les Bossons, Chamonix, France. It’s a n amazing ski chalet with a design that combined rustic coziness with sophisticated luxury. The chalet offers a covered outdoor heated plunge pool, a sauna and an outdoor hot tub, perfect for relaxing and allowing you to forget about the harsh winter weather. The three floors can accommodate up to 10 people.

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Designed and built to the highest specifications, the chalet combines traditional and modern details and the result is an amazing luxury space with spectacular views. The chalet has a total of five bedrooms. The first floor houses a series of public space and sitting areas featuring an open fireplace. The living area also features a balcony. It’s an amazing destination for friends and families, a place where you can forget about everything and everyone and enjoy the beauty of nature and the cozindess of the rooms.{found on site}.

2.Luxurious Chalet Amazon Creek, France.

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Also located in Les Bossons area of the Chamonix Valley, Chalet Amazon Creek can be rented in conjunction with Chalet Baloo. The two chalets are very similar. This one can also accommodate up to ten guests and has five amazing bedrooms. All the bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms. The chalet also offers a series of public spaces that include a spacious living area, a cinema room and a fully equipped luxury space with steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi.

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Being the most luxurious chalet in the Mont Blanc Valley, Chalet Amazon Creek is the perfect combination of comfort, luxury and tranquility. As a guest, you’ll wake up each morning with fresh coffee served in the bedroom and a delicious breakfast you’ll be able to enjoy while admiring the stunning views of the surrounding mountain and landscape. This chalet can also be rented in conjunction of the two neighboring chalets for groups up to 24.{found on site}.

Chalet White Pearl, French Alps.

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We remain is the beautiful and dreamy France and we present you yet another stunning and luxurious chalet. This is Chalet White Pearl. It has three levels and is situated between the village of Val d’Isère and the Funival funicular in La Daille, France. The guests can visit the neighboring town and admire the landscape whenever they please and the chalet offers a chauffeured 4×4 vehicle for this purpose.

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This amazing chalet was built by Philippe Capezzone, owner and architect of the 5 star Hotel Kilimandjaro in Courchevel 1850. It was designed keeping in mind the desire for both luxury and comfort. The chalet features a beautifully balanced mix of traditional, classic and contemporary elements and materials and finishes. It has a total of five en-suite bedrooms and can accommodate up to 10 guests. It’s a wonderful destination, a beautiful combination of spectacular views, coziness, comfort and exquisite service.{more info here}.

4. Chalet Merlo, French Alps.

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We now go into the amazing French Alps and there we find Chalet Merlo. It’s a wonderful luxury chalet located in the quiet village of Le Miroir, in the Isere Valley. It offers stunning views and spectacular surrounding landscape as well as exceptional service and exquisite design. The chalet is very close to most local resorts and they can be visited without unwanted adventures.

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It’s a perfect destination for ski holidays and winter getaways in general. Chalet Merlo is a wonderful choice for family vacations and it can also be rented by private or corporate groups. For groups of up to 20 people an alternative chalet is also available. Even though it’s a ski chalet, it can also be rented during the summer as it’s a great place for celebrating anniversaries and all sorts of other events. The location is amazing and the multitude of local routes for walking, rafting and biking, you can be certain you won’t get bored here.{found on site}.

5. Chalet Zermatt Peak boutique in Switzerland.

Luxury Chalet Zermatt

We finally leave the French region and we go to this amazing 6 star chalet from Switzerland. This is Chalet Zermatt Peak and it’s part of the Zermatt mountain resort. Situated 5,315 feet above sea level, this is one of the most exclusive chalets in the Alps. It was designed by internationally renowned designer and developer Paul Bowyer and offers stunning panoramic views across the nearby village and surrounding landscape.

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The chalet can accommodate up to 13 guests and, for those that wish to stay here indefinitely, the chalet is also on sale. Being one of the leading ski destinations in the world, the chalet has lots of admirers and offers its guests only the best in terms of relaxation and great activities. The chalet’s floor-to-ceiling windows maximize the views and also create a strong connection with the outdoors and a nice balance between the warmth and coziness of the interior and the spectacular weather and outdoor landscape.