5 Bathrooms For Two With Large Mirrors

Shared bathrooms by nature usually require more space than regular ones. The simple fact that it’s a space for two means that you have to include double sinks and to add more storage space. This means that you’ll either need a large bathroom or that you have to find solutions to make it feel more spacious. If the space is limited there are tricks you can use to change that impression.

Bathroom for twoView in gallery
Contemporary bathroom for two with two symmetrical mirrors and washbasins

Mirrors are amazing things. They are among the most versatile décor elements you can find and their double function makes them perfect for almost any space. In the bathroom, mirrors are a must-have. In the case of shared bathrooms or bathrooms for two, you have to have two mirrors as well. The alternative would be to opt for a larger mirror that connects the two sinks and that can be simultaneously used by two persons.

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Stylish contemporary bathroom with a large horizontal mirror and separate washbasins
Decor design bathroomView in gallery
Elegant bathroom with rich wooden furniture and a large built-in mirror lit from two angles
Brick bathroom designView in gallery
Modern bathroom featuring a large mirror and a shared sink for two
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Contemporary bathroom featuring a symmetrical décor with two mirrors and two vanities

Whether you opt for two separate mirrors or for a large one, it has to be a decision based on the amount of space available as well as the style chosen for the bathroom, the other elements included in the décor and, of course, personal preferences and use. In the case of separate mirrors a rather symmetrical look tends to be created and this is usually an element specific to traditional interiors. A large, one piece mirror has a more modern look and it also tends to contribute to a more cohesive and continuous décor, a very useful detail in the case of small bathrooms.

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