5 Amazing Kitchens With Stunning Views

Kitchens are usually a very specific space concentrated more on functionality than other design aspects. When we think about kitchens food automatically comes to our minds, after all this is what they were designed for; modern thinking puts kitchens on the same level with the other rooms, therefore these new requirements focus as well on appearance, materials, furniture and recently on view. Yes, you’ve heard me; what view faces your actual kitchen? Probably the back of another building, or why not another kitchen, isn’t it?

Kitchen view

Most of your probably can’t do anything about this thing but wouldn’t you want to have a really nice landscape to look at while cooking? Speaking of city center, what if your house is actually located in the very heart of the city, your view would surprise you with a beautiful landscape, featuring vegetation, or city limits and why the ocean in the far back.

Night kitchen view

Oh, I love the city at night, with all the lights and moody atmosphere, with the moon mirroring in the ocean. Yeah, this would be a nice image to look at while preparing dinner or eating a late dinner. If you’re on a remote area surrounded by wild nature with a beautiful lake and trees it would be a pity not to take that marvelous landscape and make it the best decoration for your room, either it’s a bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

Country kitchen view

City kitchen view

Kitchen view1

The privacy felling is overwhelming when you cook undisturbed, and from time to time you take a look outside, at the restless nature.  Spending time preparing meals is like any other kind of activity therefore I don’t see why kitchens so far were not oriented towards a beautiful view; I have faith though that things are going to change and these spaced dedicated to culinary creativity would have inspiring views like these ones from the pictures you just saw.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.