5 Alternatives To A Normal Foot Board

Not all beds have a foot board that’s apart of the actual framework of the furniture, especially if it’s not a platform piece. So, what’s a way to create a foot board without spending too much time actually making one? There are a lot of cute items to place at the foot of the bed to complete the look without getting too handy with the tools. Check them out and see which one can bring the right amount of extra style to your bedroom.

1. Vintage wooden chests.

Pallet table bedroom

For a refined, yet relaxed, feel … try using a vintage wooden chest at the end of the bed. You can use the chest to store extra throws, pillows or magazines but it also finishes the bed with a casual vibe. The wood  tones it down but its vintage look makes for the perfect amount of feminine touch. Depending on the height of your bed, depends on the height of your chest but don’t worry about placing something taller at the foot  …. it’ll just add more punch to the area.

2. Cushioned benches. 

Pallet table bedroom

Have a seat and relax for a bit. Complete the bed with a nice, sleek cushioned bench. Or you can jazz it up even more with a printed cushion … or maybe with some sparkles and ruffles for a whimsier look. It’ll keep your comforter from moving about and can even hold a breakfast tray in case someone wants to be served up breakfast in bed.

3.Tufted chairs.

Pallet table bedroom

Keep your space elegant by adding some tufted chairs to the room. It’ll act as a comfy place to take a load off and dress up your bedroom with a bit more sophistication than a lot of other options can do. This will be a great place to read for a while in the comfort of your own home too, just add a small lamp!

4. Writing desk.

Pallet table bedroom

For something a little outside-the-box, try placing a small desk at the end of the bed. You can sit and write a quick letter or pay the bills, whatever you may need. It’s great for all those craftier people out there and it’s definitely unique. You can have some private time to do some work in your bedroom, without getting bombarded in other areas of your home.

5. Tables of any size.

Pallet table bedroom

Whether long or short, round or rectangle; a table at the end of the bed is a functional and can be quite a stylish option. Hold your magazines and other late night reads, water glasses and your to-do list for tomorrow.