5 Alternative Ways To Use Magazine Racks

Magazine racks are used for just that: magazines! But in reality, they can be used for so much more, especially since people rarely ever store their magazines nowadays anyways … it’s all about recycling. And that’s what we can do with our old (or new) magazine racks, recycle them and turn them into something new. So instead of buying one and never using it for your old issues of Time or Cosmo, snag a magazine rack for something else! Check out these 5 alternative ways to use these little pieces and you’ll be surprised by how many household items can be neatly stores in mere minutes!

1.Clean up your pantry and use up your can food!

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It seems as though we are constantly collecting more and more canned foods, doesn’t it? It’s like we have a never-ending supplied of canned corn and soups. And the older ones never get eaten! Well, by using a magazine rack you not only use up all your food, but you also clean up your pantry from clutter as well. Let’s be honest, how many times have you gone in the cupboard and had cans fall and roll around at your feet? Ouch! With this ideas, it won’t happen ever again!

2. Keep your fruit fresh!

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Don’t store your fruit in the fridge and forget to eat it. Instead, grab some cute magazine racks, or ones that have gone unused in your home, slap them up on the wall and you’ve got fruit basket! The kids can pick up an apple on the way out the door to school and you’ve got a quick to-go snack as well. Remember, when food is in sight, it’ll be eaten!

3. Straighten up the craft room and store your fabrics!

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This is such a great idea for all those crafty people out there! Fold up all your excess fabric and store them in the racks. They’ll be easier to find and won’t create a pile of mess in the corner either.

4. Keep your towels fresh and tidy.

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If you have limited space or just want something that looks a bit more contemporary, find some magazine racks and store your clean towels in the bathroom. Again, it’s organized and takes away any clutter that towels can create on a counter top.

5. Display or dry your plates!

Dry plates

If you find the right kind of magazine rack then you can easily turn it into a plate rack. You can display your favorites or drop them in after they’ve been washed and need to dry!