5 Alternative Ways To Use Bookshelves !

Bookshelves are incredibly useful, and for more than just as a home to all your favorite reads. They’re great for organizing, displaying and consolidating different items around the house. They can be put in corners, in hallways, in closets, turn on their side …. basically, they’re much more versatile than once was thought. So today, we’ve rounded up 5 alternative ways to use bookshelves around the home or apartment. Sit back, relax and take a look at what you can do with some of your own bookcases!!

1. Organize your sweaters.

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If you have a big enough closet … or a big enough room to hide this in the corner, a bookshelf is a great piece to organize and keep all your sweaters (and excess clothes) neat and tidy. This also makes them much easier to find! It’s pretty much just another great way to keep your closet organized and creates more storage for your wonderful, overflowing clothes collection!

2. Store your DVDS, blu rays and CDs!

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Yes, bookshelves easily hold books, but they can also hold all your other entertainment media as well! Turn it on its side and hold all you gaming consoles and movie players, store your DVDs, blu rays and even your CDs! It’s a great piece to use for storage and organizing!

3. Turn it into a side table.

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For those smaller bookshelves, they’re functionality is always a two-way street. Not only can you hold your books at the bottom but you can hold a lamp, coaster and pretty little nick-knacks on top! It’s a super versatile and stylish way to update your nightstand or side table.

4. Hold your shoes inside!

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Bookcases are great for keeping all your shoes in order. You can find your favorites in a jiff. And you can clear clutter by using one of these units as your shoe organizer.

5. Make a funky headboard.

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Yes, bookshelves are versatile! Haven’t you realized it yet? You can easily create a fun, eclectic headboard just by using a bookcase in its place. Hold your reading glasses, books and sleepy eye mask on the top shelves!