48 Sqm Contemporary Winter Retreat In The Chilean Forest

Located in the forest between Araucarias and Oaks, in Chile, this beautiful cabin was built in 2013 and it was designed by MC2 arquitectos. It occupies a total area of 48 square meters and it has a beautiful contemporary design. The location in wonderful as the cabin has easy access to the ski resort.

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The cabin was intended as a winter retreat and thus is features reduced dimensions. It’s a serene and tranquil refuge and a great place from where to observe and admire the nature. The design is simple but eye-catching.

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The cabin is shaped like a slightly inclined prism and it’s oriented north, overlooking a small waterfall. The north-oriented facade features a large window/glass wall. Throughout the cabin there are also a series of smaller and strategically placed windows which allow ventilation and focus on specific views to be admired from each angle.

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The exterior is painted dark brown, a color similar to that of the forest trees which allows it to blend in and disappear into the landscape. The interior only has one space of generous dimensions. It’s a warm and elegant room and the separate attic spaces serve as bedrooms/sleeping areas. Outside, an elevated wood path offers easy access to the cabin and stays above the accumulating snow.