450 sqm Contemporary House Overlooking The Lake

Overlooking a small, man-made lake, this next house is located on a site inside a property adjacent to Kaoyai National Park, in Thailand. Designed by architects from Openbox Company this house is a contemporary beauty and was finished in 2010.

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The architects had to take into consideration some elements when building the house, such as maximizing the views, ventilation and privacy. Everything was carefully thought so that the best lake views could be seen from the living and dining rooms. Siting on a 450sqm plot this stunning house keeps its views hidden. In order to enjoy the breathtaking views you have to go on an interesting journey throughout the courtyard.

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A big challenge was present as well. This concerned the humidity level which is very high by the forest. To overcome this, the architects had to use very common materials, constructed in very simple, solid details. Another important aspect was to protect the house from small animals that live in gaps and holes within the structure. As a solution they reinforced it with concrete, brick, plaster and polished the surface with cement.

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This Lake House is a gorgeous home with floor to ceiling windows which allow a lot of natural light in and offer you great views. The house has great features, modern furniture and is a warm and welcoming place to land.