4 Ways to Disguise Unsightly Cords

Every home has some electronic devices. And these devices often come with cords that can be eyesores if not dealt with in the right way. Luckily there are a few different options for either hiding or disguising these cords so that they don’t distract people from the beautiful work of art that is the rest of your home.

Tuck Them Away.


There are a number of products available specifically for the purpose of hiding cords. There are cord management straps that hook onto the back of a computer desk to hold wires in place, boxes that hold power strips and keep all the cords from getting tangled, and clips to wrap long wires so that there isn’t too much extra hanging out below your desk or entertainment center. Other products are available to help hide cords for flat screen TVs, cable wires, and more.

For cords that have to run along the floor to furniture in the middle of a room, utilize an area rug so that you and your guests don’t trip and you don’t have bulky and unsightly wires running across your whole room.

Organize Them.


If you have a particularly tech-heavy corner of your home, an office for example, you might need a more heavy-duty cord system. Utilizing a pegboard to hold all of your cords and devices can be useful for a computer desk or other electronic heavy area. The board will allow you to pull cords through so you can hide them in the back near the outlet, while keeping your computer and other necessary devices easily accessible.

Camouflage Them.


It might be unavoidable for some cords to show somewhere in your home. When this is the case, you can make them less visible by trying to make them blend in with their surroundings. Ensure your cords are the same color as the wall or paint them so they blend in. When running wires down or across your wall, try to utilize molding or similar features so that the wire isn’t the main focal point on that part of the wall.

Show Them Off.


If you’re feeling adventurous or you just have so many cords that it would be impossible to hide all of them using the methods above, make the best of the situation by getting a little creative. Wires and cords can be used to create some interesting design elements and artwork. It isn’t done often, but making some interesting art with your wires, either by using them to create an image or just decorating your wires with some washi tape or ribbon, will help your guests view them as more of a statement and less of an oversight on your part.

Cords are something everyone has to deal with, but they don’t have to be in your way if you use the above tips to keep them hidden, camouflaged and organized.

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