4 Ways Of Turning Your Floor Into An Eye-Catching Display

Most of the time, people spend a lot of time making the walls of their home look beautiful. They use wallpaper, stencils, artwork and many other methods just to make the walls look beautiful and eye-catching. But the flooring is just as important as the walls. So let’s see how you can make this portion of your home look interesting as well.

Use a colorful rug.

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For example, one simple idea would be to opt for a colorful rug. It would be a nice choice, especially in the case of a room that has a simple or neutral décor. The rug would be a very nice accent feature and it might even become the focal point. The colors of the rug should match the rest of the décor so that the room looks harmonious and has a cohesive interior design.

Paint the stairs.

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If you have a staircase in your home then that’s already a very beautiful and eye-catching design feature. To make it even more beautiful, you could try painting the stairs in a bold or vibrant color. This way the staircase would become a focal point. If you don’t want it to stand out too much you could add a neutral-colored rug or carpet on the stairs and only a portion will be shown.

Striped carpets on the stairs.

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Another idea, the opposite of what we’ve described earlier, would be to leave the staircase as such or to give it a very simple look and to use a patterned carpet for the stairs. It could be a striped carpet that would make the staircase seem longer and sleek. The pattern is simple, classical and it’s also a versatile choice that looks beautiful in any type of interior décor.


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Another common and very beautiful option would be the checkerboard floor. It’s a versatile pattern that is often seen in areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom. In an open-plan space it could be the eye-catching detail that the décor needs in order to be cohesive and stylish at the same time. Usually the colors chosen for this are the black and white but you can also opt for other shades and combinations.

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