4 Tips on How To Use Black Walls Inside Your Home

Sometimes seen as taboo, black walls may be more in than we all once thought. Not just for vampires or other creatures of the night, black on the walls can be used to create a posh space, a calming room or as a statement in a very mellow home.It seems a bit scary, painting a wall black and hoping for the best results. What if it’s awful? What if it’s depressing? And what happens if I can’t paint over it? Well, that’s where primer comes in and if you never get the guts to try it then all the what if’s are meaningless.

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Black walls are a daring move, and not every space can carry the weight. But if you’ve got the right room and the right advice then be a daredevil and try it out. Use these tips on how to use black walls inside your home and hopefully they’ll help you distinguish whether your home can handle the change.

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1.  Does the wall stand up to natural light?

If the wall you’ve decided to paint black gets hit with a lot of natural light during the day, you’ve pick a winner. Unless you want to feel like you’re living in a dark, dark dungeon don’t paint a wall that receives little light.  Without the glow the wall will stay weighted and gloomy. And with the sunniness, a black wall will hold a blue hue, brightening up the space but still keeping its modern edginess.

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2. Will you balance it will colorful decor?

If you plan on balancing out the wall with colorful (or bright white decor), I say you’re on the right track. Again, you don’t want to feel like you’re a vampire escaping to their coffin for a daytime nap. Using colorful chairs, tables and vases to balance out the black will bring out the accessories you’ve chosen and make those colors pop!

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3. Is the wall narrow?

Painting wall, in a narrow space (at one end) black will help to lengthen and give it that “never-ending” feel. This technique is great to use in smaller apartments or smaller kitchens. It’s just a little illusion and nothing to be scared of trying.

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4. Do you have a lot of wall decor?

Using black paint on a wall that you’ve decided to use a lot of wall art on is smart (only if the art is not black itself). The black acts as a blank slate against the art you’ve chosen. Basically, it makes the art stand on its own and showcases the pieces you’ve chosen.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5, and 6}.